New York: Everything Else

Hello from New York! (anyone else sing New York whenever they hear that?! haha). (….. well, in my head, of course. if i actually tried to sing, i think we’d all cry) I’ve mentioned that I write for Spoon University, before. If you missed that or don’t remember, in short, Spoon is a food blog […]

Weekly Workouts & Eats (prep)

Can you believe it’s already MARCH?! I know I absolutely canNOT. March is my birthday month *woot!* and it seems like time has just flown by. I’m already making plans for spring and summer break and looking at my finals schedule—say what?! Also, this snow. BEAUTIFUL. I love snow<3 not the cold, but snow! But […]

Berry-licious +(PLUS) Parfait

  So this morning- welll actually, let’s start with last night; One of those nights where you have a bad dream and cant go back to sleep for hours. HOURS. Needless to say, today, I woke up a lot later than planned, and was in a rush to get ready for Quidditch. I wasn’t too […]

Updates on Everything

Hey, how’s everyone’s day going? So far, so good here (except for well, the never.ending pile of homework/exams to study for!).   There’s been a LOT going on over here at MGT, and I want to share some of that with you guys. And a few exciting announcements at the end, so read on ;) […]