Blogging Break ~~

Hey everyone-

When I had started my winter break back in December, I had all intentions to cook away, and go to India and write all about it. Then, I left my cameras at school, but thought I’d maybe have time to come back and get it. However, I never got the chance.

Then, I went to India, and had a full 2 weeks when I didn’t open my laptop, rarely used social media, and eventually didn’t even think about blogging. And? It was surprisingly, great

When I came back, I started reading some blogs again- but then started feeling the itch to write, to photograph, and practice, practice, practice. And I got stressed.

I realized if I want my blog to be good, it’s going to take a fresh head. I started out very lax on the blog, and tried to improve over the last year, but didn’t get my time management down. And the comparison trap got me, big time.

I then decided to take a blogging break, probably until mid or end of the summer. No, it’s definitely not ideal. I miss the blogging world. But, I feel better. I know my living situation isn’t ideal for it. My focus isn’t there. But I love content creating and recipe development, so that won’t be lacking when I come back. I may post here and there before I officially re-launch, no later than August, but we’ll see.

Happy New Year, Happy Spring, and Happy Summer <3 <3 

~Priya // Masala Girl Travels

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One thought on “Blogging Break ~~

  1. Breaks are always so helpful and i actually took a long break when I went to India earlier this year! And damn girl congrats on your deadlifts! So strong!

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