Weekly Workouts & Quidditch & Sleep



Sorry, I saw that on Facebook and couldn’t resist!

Well, obviously these are long overdue. But here goes last week’s workouts!


Su: 30-30 interval workout from Jill Conyers & 12 minute abs
another blog I’m so glad I found from the BGB community! I’ve been loosely following her Inspired to Be Fit series, but wish I read it more! I love how she includes lots of science and research behind her methods and is super thorough in her queues! Also loved the 12 minute abs; it hit all areas and was hard (especially after the 30-30!), but doable. Felt it the next day!

     20160229_194157     20160304_203429    
also got my knee wrapped! it makes it look so much worse than it actually is, but I can at least I can lift!
repping my favorite OTF! :) <3 I miss it!

M: 3 mile run + shoulders WO with the Quidditch team
it was so nice outside on the last day of February! I was able to run at 7pm in shorts and a tank! at the gym, we did: close & wide curls; barbell overhead triceps extensions; isolated curls; drop set barbell curls to failure (I think they’re drop sets! start with the 20lb, do as many, 15lb, etc.); followed by weighted back extensions and plank/ab variations! Good night.

Tu: total body barre in the morning + Quidditch in the evening

W: WO2

Th: that awkward moment when you fall asleep and sleep through Quidditch then still sleep 10 hours at night. stupid medicine.

F: 3 rounds of the total body boot camp circuit. KILLED IT.
done in 29 minutes and supah sweaty. I split up the lunges/arm movements (30 sec each) because it feels better to me, and I did 30 sec of box jumps and 30 sec of burpees.

I’ve been making so much spaghetti squash lately! I’m sharing my recipe soon. debating on that or hummus- hopefully both this week! this time, paired with a huge delicious smoothie after my sweaty WO!
1 scoop Vega pro performance berry, 3/4c frozen kale, 3/4 cup frozen berries, 1/2c each soymilk, vanilla almond milk, and water, and some celery.

Sa: Quidditch tournament alllll day outside in the cooooooold. lots of running. LOTS of great teams!

Su: relaxed and did homework. it was SO nice out! and it was my birthday Smile Smile
ABC Fam (“Freeform” now) had Harry Potter weekend Open-mouthed smile and this scene came on right at midnight—made my day, it’s one of my favorites! do you know what it is? Winking smile


This weeks goals: still WO even with an exam and lots of driving (home for doctors). Clean eats and portions! I like to follow the workout calendars Gina sends out, and shift around the months’ workouts to suit my schedule (since I cant follow it due to my schedule, and I like a little more weights than cardio). BUT I am also trying to start my morning runs again, since the Race for The Cure is coming up! 2 months, I’m so excited! My goal is an 8-8:10 pace, I think I can do it!! (If I train HARD!)

Other needs to read:

~Masala Girl
so are you a HP fan?
(I think you know what the answer should be here!)
how was your week of workouts?

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  1. you’re killin it with your workouts!! i need to get on your level ;)
    When i went to university at UBC we had a quidditch team. It was very… interesting to watch haha!

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