Weekly Workouts: WSU & Mental Bodyweight Squats

(stop at WF on the way home on Sunday! Piccadilly’s was closed… Crying face )

Well, it has been a busy weekend! I don’t think I’ve slept more than 4-5 hours since last Thursday night! (And only 2 last night! I don’t know how I am currently functioning…) I guess my body knew what was coming, I was sleeping a LOT before. Like, 8-9 hours a night!

But, last week was fun! Like I mentioned, Winter Shape Up 2016 kicked off, woot! But, with it being the first week back at school, our Rec Center has free week! I’ve been busy with Quidditch and school, but I’ve tried to go a bit when I can fit it into my schedule. Read on for Mental Bodyweight Squats Winking smile

fANNEtastic food

Week 3: WSU 2016 week 1 & free week

Monday: after my morning class, went to the gym for WO1 ! I ran a mile, warmed up, then did 1.5 rounds + abs. I took a while to do my warm up exercises and it was getting late

Tuesday: Spin + Abs class at 10 am before my chem lab. Ooph. I hate spinning. I think I’d like it if I did it enough, but I don’t, heh. So I try it every once in a while. It was a good class!
In the evening, I had Quidditch 5-7. Felt good to be back! We did a lot of drills and some suicides at the end, along with 3 minutes straight each of : jump & wall tap (ouch shoulders), push ups (DEATH!), and sit ups/abs of choice.

Wednesday: 2 rounds of barre for WSU with A LOT of breaks!!

Thursday: Took a “Full Body Toning” class after my morning nutrition lab at 1. It wasn’t super hard, but it was good! A lot like body pump. There were a lot of students so I didn’t have the right weights for everything.
In the evening, Quidditch! Smile normal drills and whatnot, then the dreaded Mental Body Squats! They sound weird, right? Do we actually do squats, or imagine them… don’t worry, we squat. I think a student on the team made it up a while ago. Here’s how it goes:
– team (30ish) forms a large circle facing the center, where 2 players stand, back to back, facing the circle. the GOAL is to do 3 sets of 10 squats, and everyone counts out loud, together. Easy? Yes? Hm. NO.
– the trick: the guys in the middle call out 3 numbers, when we have to hold a squat until the guys in the middle come up.
– what does this do? it tests each persons memory and listening abilities, and makes us stick together as a team.
– For example: the guys in the middle call out 1, 2, 6. On the first set, someone didn’t hold 1. start over! We got through 2 sets, and someone messed up on set 3. So start over! I think it took us about 8 minutes to finish! I actually don’t mind it since I like squats, but towards the end people start counting faster (to get it done faster) and form suffers. *sigh*

Friday: what did I do?! hm. hm. I think it was a rest day. Went for a walk in the evening and saw a deer, about 5 feet in front of me!!

Saturday: ahhhh. not good. went for a yoga class in the AM. I checked the schedule for the instructor, remembering the nightmare last year (which is very understated in the post.. fyi), and thought it was someone new, but it was the same woman. She still rubbed me the wrong way. I planned on going for a run after, but was so discouraged after a bad practice, I just went back to my room and ate. It wasn’t even a good flow, I was bored and distracted. *sigh*, live & learn!

Sunday: Saturday afternoon I went on a mini road trip and got back late Sunday afternoon. We had Quidditch practice 8-10pm. I was driving a lot and barely drank any water (bathroom probs!), and ended up over eating before practice (as soon as I took a sip of water around 6:30/7, after finishing a mini dinner, I realized how THIRSTY I was, yet I was already stuffed. oooopsies!) Thus practice was a bit uncomfortable and I felt a bit nauseous towards the end. We scrimmaged for a half hour twice, FOLLOWED by SEVEN FIELD SPRINTS. down back = 1. after scrimmaging D: I even sat out half of the last game and my legs were dead after that! (so was my stomach… LOL). The field was 35-40 yds. I came home and plopped down in a chair sipping on water, playing on my phone, and not moving until about 11 or 11:30 pm (oops, againn..), when I got some food and started on the weekend’s homework!

– workouts were a bit all over the place, due to adjusting to my WOs with Quidditch practices. We do workout, but it ranges in difficulty so I don’t want to rely on it as my only WO, but… TIME. hah.
– also not liking the evening WOs. We will have a workout only “practice” Mondays now at 8 pm, and that makes 2 really late nights. I need to figure that out so I don’t feel so full while working out. That aint a good feelin!
– My strength is pretty good!
– I need to do more PT. heck, I need to do PT in general! Not one day!
– I did a good job of getting a WO in on days that I needed to. I’d like to do cardio outside of Quidditch to improve if I can: 1 day of intervals/HIIT and 1 day of steady. I’ll look into where I can add it in the next week. On my strength/weight days. I need to be more focused. i.e.e. the days I did WO1 and barre.  I got through them, but was easily distracted, then I became annoyed when I realized how much time had passed (and wasted! Sad smile ). Oops!

– I did get in some walking/reading/studying. want to not rely on it next week.

Next week:
– Qidditch M, Tu, mayyybe Th, and Su. (going home Th for a Drs appt)
– we have a new cross fit-esque gym opening up, so I may pop in for a WO this week!
– cardio? PT/stretching please! LOVE the look of WO 2!

Also: THANK YOU to Gina & Daily Harvest, I was a winner of the week 1 give away! I’m super excited! (But wouldn’t say no to a Crunch Live membership, eh? Winking smile ) I’ll definitely be sharing what I think of them on the blog, since I was looking into them before!

~Masala Girl
how what your week? whats on this week’s plan? thanks for the review linkup!

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  1. Hi, masalagirl

    I just found your blog (and fitnessista’s too!). I thought I’d ask you for your preferred bell pepper recipes. I’m also Indian and love all sorts of veggies, but bells are not necessarily a fave, and my young sons won’t eat them. Any interesting ideas for them? Thanks.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and asking! Sorry for the late response :) Personally, I love them raw! I dip them in salsa or hummus or just have them plain as a snack, or dice them into a salad.
      However, my dad loves aloo/shimla mirch subzi, I eat it sometimes. I can give you an approximate recipe if you like!
      I do like to add them into gobi- that is my FAVORITE subzi. Hm, I also add red peppers into a tomato sauce, or any pepper into fajitas, or when I made omelettes. Hope that helps!

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