Siggi’s Yogurt & Berry Bark

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Back to blog basics Smile School has been stressful, but I’ve somehow been able to keep up cooking a few times a week Smile Nothing too special, but lots of good stuff!


doctored up mom’s daals by mixing 2 with some radishes & celery leaves


roasted purple cauli


easy roasted brussels


eggplannnnt <3

With the holiday weekend, lots of people go crazy- either planning, prepping, decorating, or partying. Actually, I just heard on the news: there are 4x more cardiac emergencies in the ER following the holidays. That’s crazy! They say it’s attributed to people eating so much unhealthy stuff to the max during cookouts and grilling. People by all means enjoy yourself, but don’t kill yourself!

Anyways, some people are also able to make these special themed foods/dishes that I am just in awe of. I’m normally not too creative, but last year, came up with a pretty cute festive & healthy dish! A snack, or a dessert, whatever you call it, it’s delish! It’s also only 2 main ingredients (optional add ins), and features my favorite siggi’s skyr: Yogurt & Berry Bark !

As I’ve said before, I love siggi’s because, well, it is simple and delicious. It’s high protein, has no funky ingredients, and low in sugar. Here, I use the plain yogurt, but if you’d like, you could use one of their flavored varieties (I think orange ginger would be lovely!) It also works better than the popular Greek yogurt because it is slightly thicker, and has less water. Since this is a frozen treat, more water = icy = baddd. And sticking with the seasons, lastly, it features fresh fruit. Choose your favorite berry, or a mix, and the colors are just a bonus! I love naturipe blueberries and driscolls raspberries if I can’t get them from the farmers market. You could also use dried and/or freeze dried berries!


Yogurt & Berry Bark


2 containers plain siggi’s

1 6-oz container berries, fresh or frozen* (or a mix)

add ins of choice*


1. line an aluminum baking sheet with parchment

2. spread the 2 containers of yogurt on the parchment using the back of a spoon. it should be thick enough that you cannot see through to the parchment

3. sprinkle the berries on top, using the back of the spoon to push them in if needed

4. pop them in the fridge for at least 3 hours, preferably overnight

5. When you’re ready to serve, just take it out and let it sit for a minute or two. Break it up into pieces of your size choice. Either pop it back into the freezer until you’re ready to serve, or serve immediately! (over ice, if needed!)

*fresh or frozen berries are fine. if using raspberries, I find frozen are best, because I like to crumble them a bit. here, I used blueberries, raspberries, and currants

*fresh mint would be a wonderful addition! super fresh (I had it on a few pieces). I also think ginger would work. if it’s too tart for you, add in a swirl of vanilla, honey or maple syrup.


P1030301P1030302 siggi's yogurt & berry bark |

P1030304 siggi's yogurt & berry bark |

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    • you’re welcome! that’s what I love to do! :D

  1. I’ve never tried making any kind of bark (chocolate or yogurt) but need to! Wait, actually I have made tiger butter before (dark chocolate + white chocolate + PB- so good!!), but does that count? Anyway, I love the way you made it festive!

    • haha i would consider this real “bark” since it is made of yogurt, but it is exactly like it! but yours definitely counts :D haha

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