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Being home, and being a foodie, home cooked food can be very exciting. So can cooking my own food :) Sunday night, I was wanting a small snack after dinner/before bed, but I wasn’t sure what. I wanting something sweet and some bread, but I didn’t want bread- I wanted lentils or beans or something […]

Pav Bhaji

One of those mis-mash meals that you think are weird, but turn out delightful.   In India, street food is very popular. My favorite is chaat (oh my, mouth watering). Chaat can be many things, my favorite is pani-poori. “poori” is basically fried bread. Pani poori uses mini ones, about the size of a ritz […]

Cauliflower “Fried-Rice”

Going out as a kid, I never liked fried rice. As my dad put it, “the flavor gets in the way of the food”. I just thought it was, “yucky”, to put into simple terms! Too salty and oily, yet bland at the same time. And I hated eggs in food. However, at MOON, they […]

Hemp Blueberry Spelt Muffins

So, I LOVE blueberries. I think strawberries are my favorite fruit (and peaches), but in food? Blueberries. Blueberrry everything. For whatever reason, I’ve had blueberry muffins on my mind for a while now. I love my Blueberry Spelt Muffins, and love the nutty-ness from spelt and from hemp seeds, so I thought I’d combine them […]

WIAW- study snacking

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve don’t a WIAW! I’ve captured photos on several occasions to make one, but never got around to writing it… oops! Since I wasn’t blogging the last few weeks, I came up with this idea. Also, while prepping for exams, I had to maximize my time. Most food had […]