Dorm Cooking: Pasta with Kale & Tomatoes; 1 pot, 1 bowl

(This will the first recipe in my new feature: Dorm Cooking. More info at the end!)


There has been a couple days since I’ve gotten to college that I have really wanted some pasta. Spaghetti. Something! Hot pasta with a delicious, herby sauce, or left cold pasta… mhmm, so good! However, I have to get an RA to get me a pot, lug all the ingredient to the kitchenette downstairs, and as I contemplate all this… I usually end up eating a snack,  and no longer am hungry enough to make a full meal of pasta. But today, I was determined! And I knew exactly what I wanted.

This pasta dish is SO simple! You just need 1 pot to cook the ingredients, and a bowl to serve it in. You might not even need a cutting board! It’s super delicious with the spices (and you can just use what you have on hand) and super nutritious! I hope you enjoy it as much as I currently am :)


Pasta with Kale & Tomatoes (Serves 1*)



1/2 c (1 serving) short pasta of choice

4 large Kale leaves

1 LARGE tomato*


~1 tbsp. onion


spices: turmeric, black pepper, salt, oregano



  • serves 1, but I wish I had made more!!
  • 1 LG tomato or equivalent, i.e. 2 medium, cherry, etc. (~1.25 cups?)
  • onions were leftover from a cucumber-onion salad from a few days ago from the Indian restaurant. Not necessary, but a good addition & good way to repurpose. Same for the jalapeno.
  • also, I would add 1 more large kale leaf and the handful of cherry tomatoes that I ate while cutting to make it more equal, but that just because I like a lotta veg!



1) Fill a medium pot with about 2 inches of water and set it on high to boil

2) Rip up kale leaves into small  shreds/pieces. I keep about half the stems. (Here, I used purple kale because that is what I bought at the store this weekend. You can probably use your favorite variety! I like that this is a bit softer.) Add the kale (& onions) to the boiling water, it should just barely cover.


I love this cutting mat! I got a pack of 4 from BB&B before school for ~$10. There are 4 colors, each for a different thing to cut (fruits, veggies, meat if you do, etc.), and are bendy so you can pick them up, fold, and slide whatever needed into the bowl!

The only downside is when I am in a dorm, I have to put them on a flat surface to cut, and it can sometimes be hard to find that much space, and I usually cut on the floor! Haha.


3) Chop your tomatoes if needed. After the about 4 minutes, add the tomatoes and spices. I used several grinds of black pepper around the pot, a few small shakes of turmeric & oregano. Use what you have on hand! For example, if you have basil, USE IT!! I need to get me some BASIL!


Don’t forget to remove the sticker! Oh, sorry I forgot about the other half, mouth. Oops.

4) After about 5-7 minutes, the kale should’ve cooked. At this point, I removed most of with (with a fork into my serving bowl) and added the pasta. Cook according to package directions.


Here, I used this pasta I bought from TJ’s once when it was on sale. I LOVE the short spiral pasta (but thought it was called rigatoni? what am I thinking of? HELP!), but usually buy whole wheat. Anything whole grain is good with me, but I like that whole wheat semolina pasta has a bit more protein & fiber that this BR & Q pasta. Oh well! It still tasted great!!


5) About 2 minutes before the pasta is done (taste!) add the kale back in and stir.


All done!

6) Once it is all cooked, pour the mixture into your bowl and devour! There should be a little bit of a “broth” to the sauce, keep it!


Seriously, so. good. I really surprised myself, actually!

I had this with a simple salad of mixed greens, ACV, nutritional yeast and some alfalfa sprouts from the farmers market! A lotta WF spiced /sunflower seeds & GINGER & CURRY cashews from the the local Co-Op (I basically got half a bag of seasoning from the box, haha!) Quick and yum! Actually, I forgot about the salad until I got to the end of this post. Such good pasta. Add some beans for more protein (hm, which is a bit low in this meal for me).


Now about this new segment: Dorm Cooking! I will be featuring simple recipes & meals that I am able to make in my dorm, whether in my room or in the kitchenette. They will either be recipes like this, or something that might’ve simply been thrown together! Last night, for example, I made some roasted veggies to snack on, and while it wasn’t a meal, it was something to cook in my dorm, not too much trouble, and obviously way healthier than going to the vending machines. I can’t wait to share what I’ve done, and hopefully be inspired & motivated to keep going!


Now, I’ve got to get back to doing some homework. Today was my first day really being sick (I even had to miss my morning class), and I don’t want to be up late tonight, since Tuesday is my busy busy day!


~Masala Girl

What is your favorite quick and simple pasta recipe?! I used to love making a sauce from scratch for my dad & I!

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