next day runger is real.   So, as you may have heard, I have been taking a summer class! Wellp, the smart me didn’t realize it’d take about 50 hours a week. Womp womp :/ I’ve been trying to cook and workout a bit to keep my sanity, but it’s tough. I’m the type of […]

(siggi’s) Yogurt & Berry Bark

To all American’s (and other!) out there, Happy Fourth! As you take time to celebrate, remember that we live in a land of many freedoms <3 Back to blog basics School has been stressful, but I’ve somehow been able to keep up cooking a few times a week Nothing too special, but lots of good […]

SUPER Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Breakfast cookies or cookies? See, if I say breakfast cookies, you may think they’re not good {tasting}…. But, if I just say cookies, you may think that they’re not good {for you}…. But here’s the thing, would I EVER make something not good for your body? Noope. All 100% good ingredients in here, and it […]


Brace yourself for a bit of hodge-podge-ness. POGA = POp up YOga. Pretty cool right?! But, what is it exactly? POGA is a pop up yoga class that takes place in downtown Columbus, once a month during the summer. And it is awesome. Last year, I heard about it through GoYoga, but wasn’t able to […]